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Thread: i need step by step help or video bad with my ADHD sorry

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    Question i need step by step help or video bad with my ADHD sorry

    i need help i have a 4.1u update i wanna get my homebrew and bomber i have no clue how to do it and also if i can so is easier downgrade it help please

    ill be so grateful if you can help me i also reformatted my whole wii today thinking it well help but didn't downgrade it i tried tons and tons of homebrew packages and bomber thing nothing anything else? i clean it and did the downgrade but didn't work and doesn't erase the Next load up AnyTitle Deleter and delete any IOS that has a number greater than 200. DO NOT DELETE ANY OTHER IOS WITH IT!

    everyone says is easy and if is easy why cant i do it? i got msg while back saying this

    i did everything it says in the hack then this came when i went to load boot file --> it seems your a pirate bye..... i got that message then just went to wii home argh
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    I am looking at my crystal ball;

    And I see a Bricked Wii in the near future...

    Don't forget the thanks button...

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    whats a bricked wii?

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    Quote Originally Posted by omgitsyouhmm View Post
    whats a bricked wii?
    bricked wii pretty much means your screwed....

    it sounds like you have just been trying random things matey tryin to fix your problem so my advice is this...

    STOP!!!! as if you carry on playing you will kill your wii PERMANENTLY

    1. do some reading so you know exactly what your doing
    2. if your still unsure... read some more
    3. if after you have read till your eyes start to bleed and still are not sure i would find someone in your local area who knows what thay are doing and pay them to do it for you.



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