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Thread: Help with Backuplauncher please!!!some games have errors!!

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    Help with Backuplauncher please!!!some games have errors!!

    Well, I instaled backuplauncher on my wii 4.0U thanks to dsnider42084's brilliant tutorial a few months ago. And I realize this is an extreeeeeeemely stupid question, but I really do not know the awnser.The thing is I got an Animal Crossing: City Folk (U)(I THINK) and when I play, it freezes up about every 15 - 20 minutes (sometimes half an hour, an hour, it's random)
    It's really stressing because Animal Crossing can only be saved when you are gonna quit, if you save you have to start it up again. When it freezes, nothing can un - freeze it , so I need to pull the plug. The wii makes a weird sound (as if it has stopped reading the disk) and I need help because I can't even tie my own shoelaces or spell my name.Help!! Much apreciated!!!^^
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    animal crossing needs cIOS38

    you can get it on the front page (cIOS38 rev14)

    however, i reccomend cIOS38 rev 12 (look it up) because it still has 002 error fix

    look it up and install through hbc
    (you will need wi-fi connection)

    or if not, get a wad package of it and put the wad file in the wad folder in root of sd and then open the installer thru hbc and choose wad installation as opposed to network install


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