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Thread: sports resort backup ,oading problems

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    sports resort backup ,oading problems

    hi there i have a problem when i try to load wii sports resort backup disk. i am on v3.2E and have loaded clOS38 r14 and neogamma 7. all my other backup games work fine playing through backup launcher but when i put wsr in, the first screen with the writing comes on then i get a flicker of green screen then it just goes back to the home screen?? any help please

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    I've a different problem with the same game. When i try to load its shown up a update screen (that i believe i cannot do...)

    Im using fw 4.1E hacked with the tutorial into this forum.


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    You could always try using this:

    Hopes this helps.

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    Hi there, do a search in this forum on 002 fix. I have a guide posted and if you follow it, it only takes about 1 minute. It isnt anything to do with cios or rev etc. Will work on Neogamma R6 also


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