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Thread: Sam and max s1 fail to load

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    Sam and max s1 fail to load


    i'm trying to load s&m s1 NTSC on a PAL wii.

    the game itself loads and i get to select which chapter i want to play.
    when i select a chapter i'm asked if yes or no

    and when i select yes the wii reboots and i get to the warning screen and then back to the wii menu.

    i'm working with wiimenu 4.0e, and i've tried neogamma r3, and also neogamma r5 and r6.

    the game just won't run.

    any help?


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    i didn't think it would help but it did:
    CIOSCORP v3 solved the issue.

    i just launch the game from the disc channel and wow, it's working!

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    Try patching the ISO with IOS249 then burn the patched ISO.

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    Talking Sam and Max season 1 PAL on NTSC


    I am new here, after reading a lot of these threads and trying many things I was able to run my original copy of Sam and Max season 1 PAL on my US console.

    I have
    Wii 4 update
    Hombrew Channel installed

    In the end I was able to do it by installing SoftChipR99 and running it in the suggested ISO 33. I am not sure if it is the only thing needed as I did tons of different things before it. The only thing that I did that might have actually also helped fix the problem was installing the cIOS36_rev7.

    Huge Tip that helped me. To install .dol files you must create a folder inside the apps folder with the name of the file ie ĘcIOS36_rev7InstallerĘ and place the .dol file inside and rename the file Ęboot.dolĘ otherwise I couldnt load it.

    All of this might sound obvious to someone who has been doing this for a long time, but I hope it helps people like me who just do it once in a while. I found it is very hard to follow all of the other threads.


    *I had never experienced such a problem, everything else worked perfectly using Gecko os including Wii sports resort.

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    Hey, long time lurker, first post as this is the first problem i've encountered (as seems to be the problem with most actually hmm).
    Anyway haveing the same problems described, Load Sam and Max, select episode, wii restart.
    The main difference i've seen from the looking through countless sites its that Im trying to run it through a USBloader, as everyone seems to be running it from a burnt disc.
    I'm looking for a solution other than CIOSCORP v3 as i don't wanna mess with all the IOS files. I have patched the ISO to IOS249 and installed cIOS36_rev10. Both of these seemed to fix thier problems, but not mine.

    Only solutions I can see is burning it to a disc and running it through neogammer? Or the CIOSCORP solution. I'll keep looking for more options though and report any if they work.

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    Im having the same problem not only with sam & max but also Call of Duty 3

    I have tried different cios's but none seem to work, yet all my other games work fine

    Is there any way of getting these to run properly on a hdd through a loader (i use coverfloader at the moment)???????
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    Following isneeze's suggestion, I was able to get Sam & Max Season 1 (PAL) to run on my 4.1US Wii from a backup disc. Not an ISO through a usb loader. I had tried many other suggestions including patching with IOS249 and re-burning the patched copy. That did not work for me.

    So, making a direct backup of PAL to a blank DVD (no need to patch the iso in this case), I can now play S&M1 using SoftModChip99 through the HomeBrew channel. I did not install the wad version, just the dol version (gives you more options) and chose 33 to play the game.

    It'd be nice to play in a usb loader because backup copies from disc are much slower IMHO, but this is the first time I've been able to actually load and play an episode with any backup copy. Thanks to the poster.


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