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Thread: Wii Sports Resort, Original Played, Wont Play Backup

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    Unhappy Wii Sports Resort, Original Played, Wont Play Backup

    I bought the original when it came out. we have watched the video about the motion+ on from the original disc, i have install neogamma r6 and followed the instructions including ios249 r13 think thats right. but i keep getting an error on a black screen, since i watched the video from the retail disc do i have to use the alt .dol still . yes i am new to wii softmodding but just want to know since this is the only game i have issues with.

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    I originally used the all in one with banner bomb. my firmware i believe is 3.4u and i have the gator loader and neogamma installed. just installed the ios249 v13 and neogamma last night dont know if anything has to be uninstalled by chance.


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