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Thread: Is ciosbugfix55.wad safe to install?

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    Is ciosbugfix55.wad safe to install?

    Hey everyone, new to the wii hacking scene. I'm thinking about installing ciosbugfix55, and just wondering if anyone has had any problems with this specific wad.

    I understand theres always a chance of bricking with anything, but just being precautious! =)

    Thanks guys for the help!
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    Smile CIOSBUGFIX55.wad


    after i installed neogammar 7 and rev 14

    i had A problem with my wii
    when trying to play wii resort

    the game all most loads up but then
    resets just kept on doing this wen ever i try to load it

    so i tryed to find out the problem
    and came across this wad file that made the game work i have tryed it on 3 wii consols now

    and it works,

    so go to google and try to find this wad file
    and put it in the wad folder on your sd card


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    You do not have to install it, i am assuming you are using the neogamma loader if so you can turn on the Anti 002 Fix since that cIOS consists of the 002 fix and if you are trying to play wii sports resort:

    Simply put cIOSBugFix55 is not required and you do not have to install it but its your choice, hope this helps, good luck.


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