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Thread: USB Loader help.

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    USB Loader help.

    So I have tried usb loader gx, usb loader 1.1, and usb loader 1.5 and for the first two they recognize my harddrive however do not show any games. I have "installed" games onto my wii via WBFS Manager. About 30 gigs worth. When I plug my drive into my wii it shows up as 150 gigs free (150 gig harddrive) when i have put about 10 games on my wii. I am using ciossomething rev 9 with 3.2 firmware and homebrew channel. I plugged the wire into the bottom usb port. Should I upgrade to a higher cios rev? 10, 12, 13, 13a, 13b? Please help I don't know what to do.
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    if you have your wii sitting flat, use the top port.
    i use rev 9 3.2 and everything works well.
    also go to the gx loader site and get latest forwarder


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