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Thread: help with my full brick wii

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    Us help with my full brick wii

    my wii now boot directly to opera screen.. i got a wasabi dx modchip install. my friend accidently update the pal firmware and it semi brick. some how i was able to boot into the 1.3 recovery disc and follow the instruction.. delete all and now it brick..

    i dont have preloader install.. i got gc controller brick fix but dont know how to used it......

    some one guide me what to do.. plz...

    is there anyway to boot back into the recovery mode.. i tried so many times but was not unable to.. .. i plan to get a savemii.. is there anyway to fix it?

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    i got the dongle, tried it and it show 3.4 usa. the recovery disk but what do i need to do.. everytimes it boot directly to the opera error screen. can some one advised me where to start... or how to reload the system menu to it.

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    O.M.G trial and error........ i finally got it working but still semi brick.... at least it now it boot to the menu... with health screen...... game seem to run fine.

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    i dont think that is the problem... i used my working wii with update 3.4u and then save all with recovery disk 1.3.1 then i used the save file and restore it with the full brick wii and some how it brought the wii back to 3.4u at the semi brick stage.

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    You are supposed to select "delet all" though

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    it does not work.. i previously update punch out pal and it become semi brick.. then i use the disk to deleate all. after that it just a opera error screen after it boot up. can't access to anything.

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    Ok then wait for some cooler guy than me to answer.. In the meantime, browse through the forum for similar cases to see if you can get anything...

    oh it striked to me
    try reading this one

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    hey thanks for replying.... i probably gonna install hbc and then downgrade it back down to 3.2. and updgrade it with the correct disk to 3.4... ... i dont have a zelda game to do it at the moment.

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    What's the point in downgrading? Why do you need Zelda?

    Semi-bricking is generally a region problem, did you update with the wrong region disc?

    Use bannerbomb to run the hackmii installer. If that doesn't work due to semi-brick then use the new SSBB stack smash hack if you are USA. Install HBC, bootmii (as boot2 is poss)

    Then use Waninkoko's 4.0 updater to get your system working properly, it better to be on 4.0 than 3.4 anyway.
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