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Thread: Download iso's directly from the wii on the wii Internet channel or usbloader...

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    Download iso's directly from the wii on the wii Internet channel or usbloader...


    Ok my GF got a new cat and he manage to scratch the hell out of "Mario Party 8" ...

    I tried backing-up MP8 on USBLoader gx but seems like my cat killed my disk. It dosen't let me complete the task.

    What can I do to have the game working?

    Yeah go to the video store and rent the game and back-it up but since I already own the game I don't feel like renting it...

    My other option would be to download it which seems like the best idea then use WBFS to put the game on my external HD.

    But is there anyway to get the Wii to download a game directly on the wii from the Internet channel or something similar.

    Would it be nice to be able to download wii games iso's (not games from the HBC) directly on external hd...

    Thanks for you help!

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    I know this may sound a little weird, but I swear to God it works. If you have that kind of toothpaste with the blue part and the white part in it, take some of the white part and spread it around the scratches on the DVD. You can even Google this if you don't believe me. Oh, and so far, no, I don't believe you can directly download Wii games off the internet using your Wii. The homebrew people haven't released a custom internet browser with download compatibility yet. Hopefully they will soon though, because I'd like to do the same thing. Cheers

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    Thanks for the quick reply google confirm your solution

    I'll try that anyways the disk dosen't work now so might as well try that. If it dosen't work well I'll just have to download it!

    Can't wait for the new hack it would be terrific if we could download directly on the wii


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