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Thread: assistance with new wii modding

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    assistance with new wii modding

    hello forum members,

    a couple of weeks ago i purchased my first ever wii.

    its a great console, we were up till late playing tennis.......funny seeing a bunch of adults hitting imaginary balls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i managed to stumble upon this site and am keen in modding my wii to have the homebrew channel.

    i have read tutorials briefly and just have a few questions about it before i start.

    my wii is obviously new.....would it have firmware in it that will not allow me to homebrew?

    once homebrew is enable will my purchased games such as mario karts and wii resort still work as normal or are they redundent after a mod?

    i dont have a LAN adapter so the only way i can log online with my wii is with a wifi router which as yet my wii has NOT been connected online.

    i know this sounds like another sly way to get an answer like some users do on forums but i will sya it as it is.

    i own purchased copies of my games and still purchase as we go on......but i would like to dump my games onto hard disk and run them from there instead of always having to load discs. i have seen online that utilities and hacks have come about which will allow this but i assume first things first i must have homebrew channel installed.

    i wont ask and ask and ask and want to be hand fed....i will look and read...just need soem tips on where to look and read and also want honest advice as i dont want to brick my wii.

    we also have a very old supernintendo and i would like to install old nintendo roms on my wii to play them too.

    thanks and may i add a nice site


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    first, install homwbrew channel. there are so many tuturiols out there its shameful that you had to ask to find out.

    once you have homebrew channel and all the reccommended things the author put in his package, find and download cIOS38

    put the boot.dol in a folder in the apps folder of ur sd card

    go to hbc and run the installer (you will need to have configured wi-fi settings to do this)

    when it asks you type of install, dont choose WAD, choose wi-fi

    now download usb loader gx an put the boot.dol in a seperate folder in the apps folder

    simply run hbc and open usb loader gx. simple as that. you can also get a wad install for usb loader to make a wii channel.

    now plug in ur hard drive into wii usb slot and open usb loader gx
    you'll need to format ur hdd to wbfs for the games to work, so say yes to formatting. you can also get wbfs manager and format from ur px

    in usb loader, after u formatted, press the + button on the screen to add new games. simply put on a game and add the game to ur hdd. note they can be very small and have funny names.

    u can now dl covers by clikin the empty cover on the left

    not all games work.

    dont neglect to install many things reccommended when ur getting hbc

    u can download snes or nes emulators on, then run em thru hbc

    download roms and put them in the corresponding folder in the root of ur sd card

    if u need anythinf else, this site is full of tuts...look it up


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