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    Wii sports resort

    Hey i just got a copy of WSR for my bday and when i put it in it says i need to update my Wii can i update it and my using a softmod from this site How to Store/Load Wii Games via USB Hard Drive [Slick Tricks]
    if i do will it brick my wii or stop my hack working
    i currently have wii menu 3.3e
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    If you load the game using Neogamma it will skip the update.

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    can you play this game with the old remote? I heard you need the new remotes to play this, anybody know?

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    yes u need the motion +

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    Yes you need a Wii motion plus adapter to play this game.

    It wont work with the standard wiimote controller



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    HELP!!! please, i have wii 3.2 and i just had my backups working great, conduit and mario party 8 and punchout even animal crossing and i only instaled ios 249 ios16 and dvdx and everything was working great , i also never got backuploader to work right it always got a code dump. Then i wanted to play sportsresort and these forums said instal ios38 53 and 55 and upgrade to neogamma so i did all of that now i cant play most my backups, it says an error occured eject game and restart , check manual bla bla bla so i uninstalled those 3 ios and deleted neogamma and everything still wont play, then i did ios downgrader and then reinstaled ios249 and 16 along with dvdx advenced instal 249 and everything is still the same, black screen when loading games or error has occured. i really need help please anyone.. thankyou so much


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