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Thread: CD keeps spinning after wii is off

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    CD keeps spinning after wii is off

    Man, everytime I turn off my wii, the cd will just keep on spinning unless i go up to my wii and hold the power so the red light comes on, or if I unplug it. I'm using CIOS38 rev14 right now, with 4.0u menu, i actually had the problem before i upgraded up to cios38 rev14, it just keeps on doing it. Anyone know how i can fix this?

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    How do you turn it off? You use your remote? What all happens when you first turn it off when the disc is still spinning? Does the power light change colors? If so, what color is it then?

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    Yeah I usually use my wii remote to turn it off into standyby (orange), that's where it keeps spinning. maybe it's my wii's way of trying to preheat the disc for faster cooking times later? seriously though i don't want to forget i left my wii on standby and come back to a puttering wii later or something like that. it must wear it down more doing that


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