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Thread: A couple quick questions....

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    Thank you to those who have helped me with prior issues.

    I'm very new to this and have a few simple questions I'm hoping someone can answer.

    1. When playing back up games. Does it matter if I change the date or time on the Wii and make my country USA?

    2. Should Wii24 connect be turned off?

    3. Can I see buy things from the Wii store like the Opera browser and use it?

    4. Is there anything I should not be changing or accessing if I want my system to continue to work properly?

    I burned a back up last copy of a game last night and it booted up fine. Today it said it could not read this disc. It was an older kinda scratched disk. Could that be the reason?

    Only thing I have done is updated the Homebrew broswer and a little game from there.

    Any help will be greatly appricated. Thank you.

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    1. It does not matter if you change date and time or your location from your wii settings.
    2. I've heard about people saying Wii24 automatically updates your wii and removes homebrew but never seen any real evidence of this.
    3. You do not have to buy them, you can always install it via Wad Manager for free just look for the wad but beware bad wads can cause a semi brick.
    4. Just dont update your console unless you are following a tutorial
    5. A scratched disc could have be the reason, also to avoid this you could burn at low speeds such as 2x

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    Thank you very much!


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