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Thread: Scarface in wrong format (cut off at bottom of screen)

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    Scarface in wrong format (cut off at bottom of screen)

    This is a weird problem, I got scarface from Scarface The World is Yours WII USA H33T 1981CamaroZ28 Torrent Download and it's working fine, except for the fact that the bottom of the screen is all cut off. I have a widescreen 52" tv, i tried putting the tv in different formats but all of them cut off the bottom. It's pretty annoying since that's where the health bar, radar ( i can see the top of it at least), and some text dialogue goes. Has anyone had this issue with this game or any others? I'm using Waninkoko's usb loader 1.5 with a harddrive and wii is using CIOS38 rev14

    Thanks in advance gusys

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    i just tried to use the newest r7 neogamma and forced video to ntsc480p and then also to wii but both times it comes up with the green screen.


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