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Thread: Updating firmware with a DX

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    Updating firmware with a DX


    I have a PAL Wii v4.0E and a wasabi DX chip fitted (no external hard drive, just play games from DVD)
    I got this message the other day

    Dear Customer,
    Nintendo would like to inform you that a Wii Menu update is now availiable. Select the UPDATE button on the lower-right to update your Wii console. You can also update by selecting Wii SYSTEM UPDATE in the Wii Settings.
    When the Wii Menu is updated, save data or program files that are detected as having been created by unauthorised means may be deleted from the Wii system Memory, as they may damage your console and/or cause interference with game play. Please note that Nintendo cannot guarantee that unlicenced software or accessories will continue to function with the Wii console after this or future updates to the Wii Menu.
    Note: If you have already updated your Wii console since 16 July 2009, you do not need to update again.

    Does this affect me?
    Am I safe to update or not?


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    I disable update option at DX config screen so I did not saw this message. Is this the update for 4.1U? I saw other forum talking about 4.1U 4.1J..


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