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Thread: Newbie + Wiikey 2 Yellow sticker

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    Ca Newbie + Wiikey 2 Yellow sticker

    Newbie hear, Installed the wiikey 2 yellow sticker and played an original disc.

    My FW is 4.1U.
    My region is NTSC

    Now not sure if i'm supposed to install homebrew to play backup games and play games from different region

    Also do I need to install a brick blocker.

    All the info i've seen so far was for the original wiikey.

    If thier is a how to tutorial/info section for the wiikey 2 can someone point it out...


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    Once you put in an original disc you have two options.
    1. Put in a back up and just play.
    2. Run the wiikey 2 config disc and set it up the way you want it but you will most likely not change a thing.

    You don't need homebrew to play a backup.

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    Ca You're good to go

    If you got the wiikey 2, you don't need anything else. As said before, make sure you go throught the config disk and if you got a NTSC I would only allow upgrade from US game, absolutely no others.

    If you still fell not confortable with that, you can turn off all updates but you might run into problem where some games will require updates to play, then you will have to get some other options to play those games.

    Just stick to the Wiikey and allow US updates until you're more familiar with the other options but in reality as long as you got good backups and good burns than you're good to go.


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