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Thread: GuitarHeroMetallica ISO not read as an ISO??? [video]

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    Ca GuitarHeroMetallica ISO not read as an ISO??? [video]

    I downloaded the exact same file from 3 different places, one was a .rar, so there is no alternative file to find as far as i know (that's NTSC)

    Anyways, everyone has the same problem, when you run GHM (it IS an ISO file) with IOS Patcher, it says:

    ERROR! Couldn't get ISO information!
    and when you run it with WiiUR_v1.0 it says:

    ERROR: Not a valid Wii ISO.
    does anyone know how to force the program to patch the file?

    Just for kicks and giggles, I tried burning the IOS file and running it on my Wii

    the game DOES start up and begins loading but at the end, the disc stops reading, here is a video (ignore the start and the end lol)

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    its probably modified somehow, hence the error you get when you load through ios patcher or the wii. The dvd read error, I think is media or burn related...I got it one time when I burned guitar hero megadeth, but i burned the same iso again and it worked no problems at all...i would say try a different burner/dvd-r media first, then if that doesn't work try reinstalling cIOS, and use cIOS38rev14, although I doubt that is the problem...but your iso may be no good as well, especially if ios patcher won't recognize it. try running it through wii scrubber and see what happens

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    thanks for the reply, first of all

    second, I am running rev14 so I dont think that could help, and apparently many people are having the same problem as I am, and some people have had success with changing the region to PAL (these are PAL wii's) and getting to to work that way

    could someone explain what the patcher does? because i was able to run the first 10 seconds of they game (the loading screen) on the just raw ISO


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