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Thread: Full bricked-blank screen 3.4(usa) help

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    Cool Full bricked-blank screen 3.4(usa) help

    I have bricked wii with modechip. Serial number starts with LU65xxx

    When i turn on wii only black screen appears.

    i have savemii chip. when i insert savemii and turn wii on, 3.4(USA) appears on the right bottom of screen.

    could you please help me for unbricking procedures and getting necessary files.

    i have game cube controller and sd card.

    Thank you in advance.

    I would like to explain my wii's situation;

    We put modchip in order to play burned games. We played as well all games for one week.

    Then my son connected to wii internet, wii said something like "error" and after this wii can not start. there is only black screen on tv and flashing blue light and spinnig (when CD inserted).
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    PS3 NEWS - PlayStation 3 News - PS3News - PS3 Games - PS3 Hacks - PS3 Homebrew go here and dl the unbrick disc it might help once you boot into recovery mode.

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    i have a 3.4u Wii full brick, and how to make a 4.0e or 4.1e autoboot disk to try and recover the console.

    i tried when savemii inserted;
    - AutoBoot Universal Unbrick Disc V2 iso
    - AutoBoot Bootmii iso
    - AutoBoot Wad-Manager-ISO

    nothing happened on the screen.

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