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Thread: Need help please..Noob

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    Us Need help please..Noob

    SO I folloed the "new and improved softmod" thread at the top of this forum and succesfully installed homebrew, usb loader, hackmii, neogamma r6, etc and I was running fine. I had bought a refurb unit and the gamecube connections door wouldn't stay latched so I was going to return it for a new unit. So what I did was went into Homebrew and removed usb loader, removed wads, removed neogamma...these were all the options of things I had to remove in the wad manager inside of Homebrew. The Wii was running 4.1.

    After I uninstalled those few things in Wad Manager and rebooted the wii, I get no picture at all, no sound, NADA! I have held down the reset button, I have disconnected power for half an hour plugged it back in still get nothing. I can eject and insert games and it lights up blue briefly but I never get any sort of video output to the tv. I literally had this for 2 days and I'm in hopes there is something that can be done? I bought it refurb at Gamestop and got the 1year warranty. Can it be restored to a "like new" state?

    Sorry for my ignorance, I have little to no experience with the Wii. A friend of mine had used the softmod and it worked well so I thought I'd give it a shot also. Any advice appreciated. I am located in the US by the way

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    ... well you have a warranty...

    i think bricked wii's just give black screen sometimes, and seeing that you have fw 4.1, this might be something new

    anyways, just return the wii and say it broke

    if they don't let you... then haha ur screwed

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    thanks for the reply. but i was hoping for more than i already knew...i am sure its bricked but is there anything to unbrick?

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    too many ways to unbrick

    i dont know about the guide that you used but hopefully it mentioned using boootmii
    use bootmii to restore ur wii, if you dont have that or anything else to help you unbrick your wii, get a savemii SaveMii - Introducing SaveMii, the Wii recovery dongle

    that's the easier way... if you want a free savemii then you have to have an official gamecube controller and stuff for instructions

    either way though, you will need to update your wii somehow so you might want to look into downloading the "universal unbricking" disc thingy, which has homebrew on it and will enable you to downgrade/upgrade your wii or something (look it up)
    (note though that it uses cIOS249 so if you uninstalled that you can't use it, if you don't remember just try it anyways)

    if that doesn't work, you can always just try and run the update off of a legit NTSC-U disc

    but still try to return it if you have the warranty...
    Nintendo should even fix it for you free as long as your warranty is still there

    btw, why didn't you just look up in the forums about unbricking? it would have saved you a bit of waiting time
    there's a whole thing on the site dedicated to unbricking...


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