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Thread: Semi brick 3.4

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    Semi brick 3.4

    I tried to install preloader on 3.4E without enough research and now I get the system menu is corrupt message.

    I can boot into preloader and homebrew channel. I found a wad file for system menu 3.2E. Would I have a fixed system menu if I installed it or can anyone please help me out.


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    u need a program called cIOS Downgrader 1.2 put this program in ur apps folder on ur sd card. u can find this on this site. then u should b able to roll back to 3.2 system menu make sure u choose the region for your wii.

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    Thanks but the problem is, this is my brother's wii and I can't get connected to the net with my router. If I install 3.2e wad or 3.4e wad would it work or could I get a worse brick?

    edit - I fixed it. I used NUS downloader to download the 3.4E wad and installed it.
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