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Thread: problem running tiger woods 2010 on any usb loader.

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    problem running tiger woods 2010 on any usb loader.

    whenever trying to run tiger woods through usb loader and usb loader gx i get a frozen game. and also when i click wii motion plus install guide the wii restarts and heads to menu. i have been getting alot of exception dsi error reports latley. currently im running ios 60. with cios rev 13. whenever i try installing rev 14 i either get exception or i get it running but i cant connect wii mote. i am running cioscorp which i have heard is bad im thinking about uninstalling but dont know how. also i and trying to install cios with loadmii. i have a feeling all these problems are connected in someway. any sort of help will be appreciated. ps. i have many other games ive launched from usb this is the only one giving me a problem.

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    does anyone think it may be my hard drive i am formatting now so we will see.
    also grand slam tennis isnt working anymore. even though it was. now im stuck at the load screen thats why i believe it may be the hard drive.

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    help! please 86 views and no replys

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    Does it freeze at the logo screen it does for me.

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    let me guess, are you using cISO? try uploading it in a 4gb USB stick instead of the harddrive or download a scrubbed ISO instead of a cISO.


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