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    Question ret : -2011

    Hello guys ( maybe girls )

    i can't get to work FFCC : my life as a dark lord to install. I'm sure it's region free, but the guy where i downloaded said it's was a cIOS problem.

    I have already a cIOS installed ( cIOS 249 i think ) well sorry i can't give anymore details as i'm new to cIOS.

    My info are :

    Wii system firmware 3.1U
    already have a cIOS installed
    I have a wad installer


    Well thank you in advance to help me !

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    do you have a mod chip and how did you install this?

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    i dont have any modchip, i've softmodded my wii.

    second , im installing teh wiiware via waninko wad manager. installed many wiiware without any problem, but this one give me this error.

    Also, i can,t install anything via network cuz i don,t have one.

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    the file may be courupt try find another file

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    it's not corrupt because many other peopel tried this without any problem.

    They all said that i had a cIOS problem.

    EDIT : nvm , figured out the problem with the lastest cIOS installer
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