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Thread: New cIOSCORP 3.1

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    New cIOSCORP 3.1

    from the readme:

    It finally exists!

    I, da_letter_a, now present to you all:

    cIOSCORP v3.1!

    What is it?
    It's a software modification for your Nintendo Wii to allow you to
    play your backup burnt games via the disc channel without opening
    your console or having to use a loader application.

    How to install it?
    Unpack the contents of this .zip file to your SD card and run the
    "cIOSCORP v3.1 Installer" application via the Homebrew Channel,
    sit back, and wait.

    Does it work with LU64+ consoles?
    As it is based on all the latest versions of IOS, theoretically it
    should be. None of my testers had LU64+ consoles to test it on, so
    install at your own risk.

    cIOSCORP v3.1 uses waninkoko's IOS249 rev14's DIP module, except for
    IOSes 30, 36, 50, and 60, which have rev13b's DIP module. This is so
    Super Smash Bros. Brawl will work correctly (as rev14's DIP breaks
    dual layer support).

    3.1? why not v3?
    cIOSCORP v3 used rev13's DIP module, and that gave #001 error for a
    lot of games, so I used rev14's DIP module as soon as it came out.

    bc-trucha? cmios?
    These are for loading backup gamecube discs. The bc included is the
    latest, but with the trucha bug intact (so it can load cmios), and
    the cmios is Wiigator's Custom mios (with GC backup launcher in it).

    waninkoko - made the cIOS249 we all know and love, I used DIP
    modules from that to make cIOSCORP v3.1
    Wiigator - made the cmios which is used in this cIOSCORP v3.1
    WiiPower - for telling me about rev14's DIP Module breaking
    Dual Layer Support
    All of my testers.

    Some things I forgot to put in the README before uploading:

    1. Requirement: waninkoko's cIOS36 rev7 or above (ability to install trucha signed system content)

    2. Even though all the IOSes are the latest version, the trucha bug has been put back into them, and both IOS36 and IOS60 have the ES_Identify patch in them too.

    (download canceled until the new version is released)


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    Im downloading at the moment. Just a quick question will the cIOSCORP still let me run the USB Loader?


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    Yes you will. You'll also be able to recover from a banner brick with cioscorp loaded, god forbid, if you ever have one.
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    Two more questions

    1) It says you need cIOS36 rev7 or above. does above include cIOS38 rev14?

    2) Is this cIOSCORP 3.1 essentially a USB Loader but you select the games you want to play from the wii dashboard and then the games run from the external HD?
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    yeh dog nice nice nice chat to u soon brv

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    @geof - cioscorp is quite an intrusive hack - if you're not sure what it is then don't install it! it enables you to play dvdr copys in the disc channel like regular games. nothing to do with usb.

    @buff - glad u still about brv

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    Hey DogEggs, I have a question, if I were to take the cMIOS.wad from the cIOSCorp folder and install it via Wad Manager will it brick my wii? I have a 2 disc GC game which does not allow me to change to Disc 2 on the GC Backup loader so i want to know if installing this cMIOS.wad will allow me to play GC Backups through the disc channel and get to disc 2.

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    Thanks will give it a shot and report back....well it seems i will wait after reading certain threads on gbatemp I thought this was an official release. I_da_letter_a Who ??? Thanks though.
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    Thanks will give it a shot and report back.thank !

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    i use backup loader and neogamma if i use this cioscorp can i still use the backup loaders and usb loaders channels also.
    ive just installed cios38rev13 will it alter anything or just let me run through normal disc channel.


    also do i have to reinstall starfall as im 3.2e
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