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Thread: Are these CIOS' IOS' really needed?

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    Are these CIOS' IOS' really needed?

    If I really don't care to play need for speed, or animal crossings, or use the shop channel..... do i need any of these?

    ios 36: a special made IOS, which is only to support homebrew apps, like gamma.
    Cios 37: firmware spoof, to give 3.2, all that 3.3 has, used to fix a lot of games like wiiware titles.
    Cios 249: a special made IOS, used by gamma users, to fix various issues.
    IOS 38: A IOS, originally from Animal crossing, and is needed to run, it adds wiispeak support.
    IOS 53: A IOS, originally from need for speed, which adds support for 3rd party, usb wheels.
    IOS 55: A IOS, originally from need for speed, its assumed *by me* to add, additional 3d support, it is needed to run this game, and several others.
    IOS 50/51: used for the shop channel, and can be used to patch the fake sign bug fix.

    And, what is the real purpose of cIOS38rev14?

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    I know youll need to install ios 38, 53, and 55 because there are alot of newer games that reguire those ios'. Basically in my opionion cios38 rev14 is only for people that use HDD to launch games. i still do the old fashion disc booting so Im staying at cios38 rev13.


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