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Thread: hbc no sound, and game incompatible prob.

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    Red face hbc no sound, and game incompatible prob.


    I was trying to install the USB loader 1.4, which has been successful, however, there are a couple of issues with the hbc channel.

    The way I did the install was,

    1) copy the cio36 rev10 installer boot.dol folder into the apps folder
    2) copy IOS36-64-v1042.wad into the wad folder
    3) copy USB Loader 1_4.wad into the wad folder

    4) Opened home brew channel.
    5) Ran the cios36 rev10 installer using the network installer. All complete and reboot.
    6) Went back to hbc and ran USB Loader 1_4.wad, selected to use IOS 249 (default choice) and the channel installed successfully.

    7) I did not do anything with the IOS36-64-v1042.wad (am I supposed to?)

    When I now run HBC, there is no background music, and some of the homebrew games do not work.

    Have I missed a step somewhere?

    Many thanks,

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    Anyone? I am just looking for clarification if there's a step I missed out, or did wrong.

    It's just slightly worrying. Although this is a minor hitch, I would like to put my mind at rest in case this is part of a bigger problem.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You could try reinstalling homebrew channel or depending on what version of hbc channel you have you can update to the newer one.

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    Hi thanks for the response.

    I am running HBC 1.03, it was previously 1.01 but I did an update a couple of days a go. There shouldn't be any harm in re-installing 1.03 over the top of 1.03 should there.

    thank you.

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    best delete the old one first.

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    I'm assuming to remove the old HBC I do the following:

    1. Go to data management to the channels and run boot.dol/elf to go into load mii.

    2. remove the old hbc

    3. reboot

    4. install new hbc


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