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Thread: How to verify CIO version

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    How to verify CIO version

    Ok I have 4.0 softmod installed and all is working ok except for a few newer games that green screen on me. I have been seeing a lot of posts telling me to verify my cio is version is s36 Rev 8. My question is how do I verify what version I have, and if its not the right Rev, how do I change that? I'm guessing when I modded it, and was using the Wad installer that should have let me know, but the tutorial I read had me bouncing all around with 36, 37, and 249.

    Ok in neo Gamma backup launcher, at the bottom, it tells me CIO 249 Rev 13. So I'm guessing thats what is installed. So 2 questions, how do I change to s36, is it just a matter of loading up the Wad installer, and choosing that one. Next question is where can I go to find the latest info about CIO versions and compare. Thanks.
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