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    I have now updated my wii to system 4.1E and have managed to install the usb loader using the readmii on the usb loader site. I have the channel version installed instead of forwarder and now every so often as part of a game is loading i.e when i hit play again in wii sport i get a black screen.
    I was told in this post to install the following wads
    can someone explain to me what they both do?

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    They are 2 of the 3 IOSs that are needed to fix the 002 error that some people get, the three IOSs are 38,53 and 55

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    They add support for something or other in newer games, like Wiispeak and WM+ compatibility. Even if the game doesn't use them Nintendo still put them in the game updates and you'll get a black screen until you install them.
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