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Thread: Softmod Parent in need of help

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    Softmod Parent in need of help

    heys all, i currently have 3.3u softmod wii last i checked with gamma loader. all my iso's work perfectly. the issue is i just went out and brought mysims racing, tiger woods w/motion plus and wii sports resort. i notice on the mysims racing and wii resort something saying like if i play them or try something can go wrong with my kids wii. i put mysims racing in and it asked me to update. I didn't do jack. i pulled that disc out so quick only because i dont know what might happen. i'm old and just want to see my kids having fun playing free oops i paid for these 3. games. can anyone direct me in the right direction. do i have to update my system another way or install some other apps i need help please.

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    Sounds like you need to install IOS 38, 53, 55 for starters. Click on my Sig and have a look in IOS.

    Install the 3 wads using wad manager.
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    i loaded the wads and on my sims racing it still asks to update system also on wii sports resort also please help

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    You could downgrade to 3.2 and use preloader to block those disc updates or you can use Waninkoko's Firmware Updater 4.1 and safely go up to 4.1 and then install preloader


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