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Thread: Channel backups

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    Channel backups

    Hey, I am new to wii hacking but this site has made it simple and easy for me. I am afraid I might brick my wii however so I want an easy and simple way to backup some of my channels. I purchased some N64 games from the wii marketplace and want to be sure I have them if anything happens to my wii. I have search online and the forums but all I have found is a backup channel launcher. Reading comments and posts I feel this is for playing backups, not making them. I have 4.0u installed, HBC, Homebrew browser, and cIOS036. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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    You could make wads of them but i dont know you would but google it. and if your afraid you ll brick your wii install preloader if you havnt already.

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    your best bet would be to locate pirate versions of the channels and use them....making your own copies would be very difficult!


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