I have a Wii system version 3.2E with homebrew installed

I am trying to get USB Loader GX to work without having to cold boot as this was the case when I had cIOS38 rev13 installed.

So far I have downloaded the cIOS38 rev14 installer with the wad file included; I also used the USBLoaderGX_1.0_Installer to download the latest loader version which was rev686.

I then did a wad installation to install rev14 that finished successfully. I then launched the homebrew channel and booted the USB Loader GX. It loads, and then when I select a game to load from my HD it goes to the white load screen and then either freezes or goes to a blank white screen.
From what I have read about cIOS38 rev14 other people have managed to make it work so cold booting isnít necessary.

-Can someone tell me what system version(s) works

-A full list of all the files needed

-A NAND backup upload

Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated and should hopefully help others!