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Thread: Kakashi Gaiden

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    Thumbs up Kakashi Gaiden

    I just finished seeing it. This brings back memories when Naruto used to be really good Anime. Before the stupid fillers killed the series. I have been on and off on the Naruto Series now. I mainly watch it as routine since I started watching it when I was 14(when it first came out in japan) I just wanted to see how it ended, but now, wow this brings back memories. This has woken up the reason why I used to see Naruto as a hardcore Fan. Seriously if you haven't seen the Kakashi Gaiden I recommend that You see it, its great! You might fall in love with the anime again. Even if your not a fan u should see it! Its the Naruto Shippuden episode 119-120. Judge for your self.

    U can download it here ----->
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    Naruto's still a good anime imo.. But anyway, I didn't even know Kakashi Gaiden got animated x_X


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