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Thread: Blue Screen on boot - I think I'm screwed

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    Question Blue Screen on boot - I think I'm screwed

    Hi All,
    Just checking but I am pretty sure I have a new door stop

    Long story short, I have 3.2E with HBC & Twilight hack
    Bought Sports resort, removed HBC and updated to 3.4e
    Installed preloader and did something wrong on the way, gaining the banner brick
    Bought a Savemii and Drivekey, installed both
    Could get back into preloader but system menu was stil shot
    Ran Systemmenu v290 and now I get Blue screen ... no response except my dvd drive fires up happily
    I have checked all cables etc, and it was semi working 2 mins before i ran systemmenu

    Am I screwed ?


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    sounds like the sys menu finished off your wii - if you can't get into the recovery menu then it's dead

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    Thanx for the info Dogeggs ... I thought that was probably the case

    Thanx too for all the work you do around here


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