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Thread: WAD Manager on Wii V4.1U

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    WAD Manager on Wii V4.1U

    Alright so, i've been away from my Wii for a while but now im back and want to install a couple of VC/Wiiware titles... I have Homebrew Channel installed, but i don't have WAD manager installed... How do i install WAD Manager onto v4.1U? Can anyone direct me to any guides? Thanks, and sorry if i sound like a noob =\

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    Nevermind, i figured it out!

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    Care to share? I want to install WADManager too, but it wont work. The only modification i have made to my Wii so far, is installing HBC. I am also running 4.1E.

    EDIT: I got it working! By following this excellent tutorial from Afterdawn. It took me safely trough all the steps! Works for my Wii, even though i had HBC installed already (just skipped that step). Also, if you follow this guide, go google IOS38-64-v3610.wad and place it at the root of the SD-Card - you will need it.. The guide tells you to google it, but if you place the WAD-file at the root of the card in advance, you save yourself the hazzle of doing it during the guide.

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    You do not need to install WAD Manager it is a homebrew app, you just download it unzip it and put the Wad Manager folder in the apps folder on the root of your sd card and make sure the .dol file in the Wad Manager Folder is named boot so it looks like boot.dol

    Hope this helps.

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    Yeah, i realised that too.. Now my Wii is bricked however, I am posting in the thread below, together with another guy. Stop by if you feel like trying to help us out..

    Link to thread.

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    Thanks man thats what im doing


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