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Thread: How install HBC, USB Loader on Wii 4.1?

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    How install HBC, USB Loader on Wii 4.1?


    I have virgin Wii with 4.1 software. Unfortunetly I put Wii Resort Sport for new Wii and upgraded to 4.1. My question: it possible is now install Hombrew Channel, Backup Launcher and USB Launcher? I read all topics and only I found how to upgrade to 4.1, but not see how install everything on Wii with 4.1. Please help me !!!


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    I think you posted this in the wrong section, you should of posted it in the General Homebrew/Hack Issues Section. (*sigh*)

    But read this to answer your questions:

    Next time please post your thread in the correct section

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    just treat it as if it was a 4.0


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