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Thread: US Wii - cIOS rev14 - Start Patch 4.1 (4.1U) and PAL Wii Sports Resort

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    US Wii - cIOS rev14 - Start Patch 4.1 (4.1U) and PAL Wii Sports Resort [NOT BACKUP]

    Hi there. I am trying to boot a PAL Wii Sports Resort on a US Wii running on 4.1U.

    I currently have cIOS rev14 installed and I am using StartPatch4.1

    The game is recognised in the disc channel once all the patches have been applied through StartPatch but when the game boots, it crashes the Wii.

    Has anyone got any advice on how to fix this?
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    I have searched and all I can find is using a program (Wii Scrubber) to extract data from the disc before using USB Loader GX to use alt .dol to load the crappy WMP video before resetting the alt .dol option back.

    I am trying to load the original game off the original disc from the disc channel.

    I can't find anything that tells me how to run from the original disc when it is from a different region.

    I hope you can see that there is a difference here?


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