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Thread: Wad Manager 1.4 Question

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    Wad Manager 1.4 Question

    Just a quick question. I'm still kinda new to the soft-modding wii scene but I've modded my ps2 and psp. I have a 4.0u LU64 wii soft-modded with the cboot2 mod. I've installed the LU64 fix and have bootmii and homebrew channel. I should definitely read more in the tutorials about IOS files. Anyway, my question: I noticed the other day installing VC games that wad manager will return an error -2011 through the homebrew channel but running it through bootmii it will load wads fine. Just wondering if there's something I'm missing or is this the norm? Not a big deal at all, just curious.

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    its probably the li64 fix cios, have you updated your cios to r14? you may want to do this guide - it'll 'fix' your ios36 too so it can work with preloader, if you don't want your ios36 fixed then just run the r14 installer

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    Sorry, I should have mentioned I did upgrade to cIOS38 14. I'll check the guide out and see if it works. Thanks again dogeggs, your posts and tutorials have been a great help through it all....


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