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Thread: installing homebrew :S

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    installing homebrew :S

    Hi all,

    i know this subject is widey covered already but this is all new to me and the amount of threads has confused me completely....

    I basically need someone to show me which installer i need and what to put on my SD card?

    I have replaced my zelda save with the hack but don't know exactly what "installer" i need to put in the root of my SD card?

    theres .elf .dol (whats the difference??) ,

    some say i need to make an app folder and drop homebrew_browser,

    others say i only need an installer in the root :S:S:S:S

    sooo confused

    p.s. my wii is V3.1

    many thanks

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    the homebrew browser is just an app for hbc, you need to put the boot.dol which is the installer on the root of the sd card and run your exploit. Download the installer from here: The installer can install hbc, bootmii and dvdx

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    thanks v.much

    was a tard question i know...


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