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Thread: problem updating wiikey and playing burned games

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    problem updating wiikey and playing burned games

    i have problem about updating wiikey. im using nero burning program, the burning goes well but when i put the update disk in wii will read it but, when i start the program it will give error and tell me to take off the disk and shutdown the console. when i try play burned games wii wont read them exsept the godfather. can anyone help.

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    I believe one of the recent wii updates prevents reading of the WiiKey updater disk, although the WiiKey itself still works.

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    I had the same problem, I gave it to a friend, it turned out to be a bad disk. I was using +r's and I guess the - are better.
    Could be my burner also, but ill know more after I play around a bit.

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    Actually I think there is a new firmware now that works. It says on their site you can update to 1.9b and then you can read the 1.3 setup disk.

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    thanks for the help

    i did manage to update wiikey whit the updatedisc 1.9b and get the red steel working. both was burned whit imgburn to maxell dvd+r, but gonfig disc 1.3 still gives same error. maybe i should try burn it again or something. i tried many difrent discs but always same error. sorry for the bad english and thanks for the help.


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