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Thread: I have an idea for playing Rockband songs but I need some help with it.

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    I have an idea for playing Rockband songs but I need some help with it.

    So I've read up a little on RawkSD. It allows you to play custom songs on Rockband and all that jazz. And I've noticed a lot of people have original copies of Rockband 2, but want to use backup copies of the track packs discs (me included), and are having trouble installing updates to get their instruments to work.

    Well I had this bright idea about extracting the songs from the RB Track Pack discs and then loading them up via RawkSD.

    My logic is that if you can use RawkSD to play with the original game disc and load custom songs from your SD Card, you can circumvent using a backup copy of the Track Packs altogether. Therefore eliminating the need to install an updated version of IOS37, because using an original copy of Rockband 2 will allow you to use your instruments like normal.

    All you'd have to do is put all the songs from the Track Pack Discs, or maybe even RB1 onto the SD card instead. Has anyone else ever thought of this, and is it feasible ya think?

    EDIT: After more reading, I guess it's not hard to do such a thing. But will you have to do any editing to the imported songs from the track pack discs, like you would with a homemade custom song, since they should already be formatted to work correctly?
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    To get the rockband instruments to work, you just need to install cios37 ad ios232 and then install softchip as 232 running rockband games using softchip.

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    Tell that to my my Wii. I've yet to find a cios installer that will actually install IOS37 as 232. Anyone I've tried downloads the IOS and begins the installation process then fails when it gets to the end, if the cios installer even runs in the first place. All other homebrew works. But cios installers just don't seem to wanna work.

    I used the hermes installer to install IOS37 on 222 and 223. I have the HBC Softchip and I tell it to use IOS222 and IOS223 to run the game in the Wii drive, but that always fails saying it can't read the disc. (But it will read the disc without instrument support on IOS249 )


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