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Thread: I've got RE4 burned and ready to go........what now?

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    Angry I've got RE4 burned and ready to go........what now?

    Hey, I'm pretty new to the whole homebrew channel thing, and all I want to do is be able to burn games to discs and play them on my wii, that's basically it. My brother heard about homebrew and somehow managed to install the channel, and I'm usually pretty experienced with custom modding game systems and stuff, but all this homebrew crap is confusing as hell right now. I posted my question on yahoo answers earlier:

    I've already got the ISO for RE4, and yes it's patched and all that, and I burned it to a Taiyo Yuden single layer DVD-R disc (at like 1x speed so its perfect), so it's all ready to go. What EXACTLY do I have to do now? Is there an app I should download to load the game? I tried DVDx; it said it had an error installing.

    So there u go... and trust me, I tried reading all the guides, but I'm just way in over my head. I don't know what an IOS is, or anything. I do know that my version of the homebrew channel is 1.0.3, and it says IOS61 v19.26. Any help? :3

    EDIT: I just got an answer on yahoo, I downloaded NeoGamma and it looks promising however it says all I need now is a cIOS. How might I go about that now? Is there a guide for that? I can't seem to find one..
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    Now it's time to hit the forum and check out great things like

    Backup Loaders
    USB Loaders
    cIOS 38 rev 14
    Easy cIOS install

    DVDx will not install on your un-cIOS Wii.

    IOS = Input Output System - a layer of software that runs on the Wii to achieve stuff. Each IOS has a number and a version.

    cIOS = Custom IOS - a specially created layer of software authored by the community to do stuff Nintendo doesn't support.
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    Oh alright I see, thanks man. This is some crazy shit-I did some more searching and came across the 4.0U downgrade guide, and kind of blindly did all of it, but hey it's working, and once I'm done installing all the IOS's I'll find one of Waninkoko's cIOS backup loaders like it said to do, I guess...Hope this works


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