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Thread: Some games freeze while playing.

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    Exclamation Some games freeze while playing.

    Hey, A while ago i bought a wiimotion plus, i downloaded Tigerwoods PGA tour 10 to try it out. Sometimes when i play it freezes and i have to hold the power button for 4 seconds. Then now i (finally) got Wii sports resort working, it does the same thing, me just playing and then it freezes. I'am using USB loader GX, cIOS rev 10, 4.1E and a 160GB HD.


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    I think i got it, it was the HDD. The HDD needs to be level,
    it used to hang vertical out of my wii. Placed a box under it and voila,
    no crashes.

    (BTW, USB loader GX also had troubles finding the HDD, thats solved now to)


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