Hello. First, I d'ont know where to put this, so jsut posted it here.

I live in Belgium and recently, my Wii got all screwed. (Already psoted about that in the brick section.)
I need to send it back to nintendo for a repair, but before that, I'll have to desolder my Wiikey. (Well, I only need to cut the wires.)

Will Nintendo repair my Wii or will they send me another one with a newer mainboard (I have one of the first Wii on the market, so, I'll be disgusted if they sent me a newer one...)
How much is the fix likely to cost ? I heard 130$ from some places but that's for nintendo of america. Anyone in Europe ?
Another thing, I read in the manual that you need to have a proof that you bought the Wii. Well, it was a gift so I don't have it. Is it really necessary ?

Thank you all for the answers