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Thread: LU64 wii and my worries!

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    LU64 wii and my worries!

    Hi, guys! ^^
    I bought a wii last week, finally... It's modded with d2ckey, and its firmware is 3.4U. But it's LU64!! =(
    Searching on web, I got this forum, and I liked it too much because I learned a lot. But I'm still worried about doing things on my wii.

    Even with the chip, some games haven't work. Games like Smash Bros Brawl (DVD5) and The Conduit (my boyfriend is looking for this game). Appears a black screen tolding me I have to take the disc off. My friend's wii had the same problem, but he has HBC... and he used the Backup Channel.
    So, I want to install the homebrew channel too. How can I do this? Wich is the best way, and the safest trying to avoid brick (remember my wii is LU64!)?
    After I do this, how can I install the Backup channel?

    And wiiware games and virtual console? Is it possible to use the WAD installer?
    Can someone help me?

    I really don't want to brick my precious wii!! ^^
    P.S.: Sorry about my poor english!!

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    Use this guide to install the HomeBrew Channel.

    Then use this guide to install the LU64 Fix.

    Hope I helped.

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    Will it work with my 3.4U wii?
    This guide is refered to 4.0...

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    I'm sorry not those guides, I learned that this guide is better. It's for all wiis.

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    wow! THANKS!!
    This guide is awesome! Now I'm playing Megaman 9! ;D

    Thanks again!


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