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Thread: ios36 / ios 249 problem

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    ios36 / ios 249 problem

    Hi all,

    Hope I am not overlapping with another thread (probably am).

    Helping a friend soft mod her version 4. Got Neogamma up but it won't play games. It's R6 and says Ios36 (Rev 3094). My own machine works great and is r6 Ios 249 (rev13). when I try to install a 249 ios it fails and tells me to uninstall first. Please offer me guidance

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    Never uninstall an IOS below IOS 200 as a brick may result. Have you tried installing cIOS38 rev14? If you cant get that installed the try this link, wiihacks.tutorials-easy-way-get-cios-any-wii

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    All better! Thanks for the help!


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