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Thread: Can't get into wii settings

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    Can't get into wii settings


    I've read most of the threads here and couldn't really understand since its all too technical for me. I have a Japanese wii, modded (no idea about the mod chip since a friend got it for me in Hong Kong), and no homebrew. When I try to go into the wii settings in the wii menu thingy, I get the "can't connect to internet opera window" which some people here have.

    I tried putting in a burnt punch out disc for an update (as someone here suggested to another member) but it only reached about 10% of the bar and said it finished, and that didn't help. The wii can still play about half of the games but most can't be played.

    Could someone tell me what is the current situation of the wii? Is it semi-brick? or completely bricked? Can it be fixed?

    Also, about homebrew, can I install this even though I can't access the wii settings menu? I've read up on it, but still a little confused. I see that having this homebrew helps unbricking, but don't know how to do it.

    It would be really appreciated if someone could tell me how to solve this step by step with really simple and detailed instructions (nothing too technical, since there is so much that I could understand)

    Thank you very much

    Just want to add some things about the problem.
    There are 2 of each weather and news channel if thats any help for those who can understand.

    And one last thing just want to ask, since the punch out disc failed to update, does that mean the wii setting is at 4.0 or something lower? at the wii menu, it shows it cover of the game, but when I try to play it, it turns to a black screen.
    Any help is appreciated, thanks.
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    If you are on system 4.0 (you can check by seeing if you have the SD card menu) then you are stuck until they come out with a 4.1 update .

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