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Thread: Smash Bros. Brawl has no video?

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    Unhappy Smash Bros. Brawl has no video?

    Alright here's the deal, I hacked my wii yesterday (Yay!) and I got the homebrew channel, preloader neogamma whatever crap but anyways the backups worked fine I tried to play my original Smash Bros. Brawl today and after I pressed start on the Disc Channel, the game started and I could hear all the music and press buttons but there was no signals going into the TV for video. Long story short, How do I get video on Smash Bros. Brawl?

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    please? anybody? no help?

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    I've never heard about this issue, what I recommend is deleting HBC or any softmod to make it back to a Virgin Wii. Then call nintendo and say you dropped it, power went out for 1 second while updating, etc.

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    I did some reaserch and found out that Smash bros. uses IOS36 or something and I'm pretty sure I hacked that. Should I try to get the orginal IOS36 somehow?

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    So can you play the game, or is the problem just no channel video?

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    well everthings perfect just no video so, yes the problem is no channel video

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    Hm. So, you have video on your Wii menu, and other games?

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    yes sir, everything is working fine except smash bros brawl


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