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Thread: wii sports resort pal-reboot

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    wii sports resort pal-reboot


    I need some wii is softmodded until iīve donloaded the game i were using the backup launcher gamma. then i tried to launch wsresort with the backup and it didnīt work (error 002)...the i saw the forum and i installed neogamma v6 and the latest cios (rev14). i lauched the game again now with neogamma and instead of the error 002 the wii reboot and go back to wii menu.
    can anyone help me?
    what i need to do to play wsresort?

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    rev14 removes the anti 002. Install cios38 rev 13 and then try it.

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    Hello, I have same issue,

    I have been trying to get Wii Sports Resort to work now for over a week and it just will not.

    I tried GX Loader but i get error 002 so i installed gamma v.6 and used the alternate .dol file which boots the game but all i get is the video menu of how to install the Motion Plus. when i hit "go back to Game" to reboots the wii back to sys menu...... this is mind boggling now.... any one else know how to sort it???

    I Have:
    PAL Wii - 4.0e
    Gamma v6,
    USB Loader GX 1.0,

    any help would be appreciated.

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    You did remember to switch off Alternate dol after you watched the WM+ video?
    Not really doing much Wii stuff these days.

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    many thanks that sorted it. lol sumat so silly

    thanks guys


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