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Thread: Need Advice On NeoGamma Launcher

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    Thumbs up Need Advice On NeoGamma Launcher

    I have been trying desperately to play catchup on the homebrew scene due to my kids nagging about newer games.
    I am currently on 3.2e & have been running the original Non 002 FIX Backup Launcher Gamma IOS 249 since about February. No brickproofing installed at the moment either.
    It seems This is now in urgent need of an upgrade for playing newer backup games, I won't bore everybody naming the games as I am aware that people get sick and tired of hearing these newer & motion plus titles mentioned.
    so having read the forum Neogamma R6 & an upgrade to CIOS38 are required/desirable.
    My questions would be: [1]. What is the best set-up of Neogamma & CIOS38 Revision in order to run older backups and newer backups ?,
    [2]. If changing the CIOS38 upsets the Wii's ability to run older backups what is the point?
    Surely Neogamma has the ability to run older backups?
    keeping the older backup games working is essential to avoid a household revolution during the kids school holiday.
    I have read one post from a member who states CIOS38 Rev13b maintains backward compatability when using Neogamma 6. But I dont really know and need to seek expert advice.
    Thanks! For Any advice you can give on this.

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    I can help you out with this 100%. First off you are running the same firmware as I am though I am 3.2U. You MUST get some sort of brickproof, either it be starfall (which is only for 3.2 firmware) or preloader. Both those brick protections can be set up to bypass disc updates which is a must when softmodding. Neogamma is the newest backup launcher there is. The older version (which I still use) is backup launcher gamma. It is true that neogamma will play those newer games that wont work on backup launcher gamma, games like wii sports resort, ghosbusters, my sims racing and Indiana Jones Staff Of Kings. Plus it will also play the older games. I have read though that if you install cios38 rev13B, some older games do not work. I am running cios38 rev13A and everything works perfectly fine. There are 4 releases of neogamma. Theres R4, R5, R6, and R7. R4 will play those games I listed above plus your older ones BUT wont play wii sports resort. R5 and R6 will play wii sports resort as well. R7 is basically only for people that use HDD to load their games which goes hand and hand with the newest cios38 rev14.

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    Thumbs up Re My Query

    Thanks for your reply Jason...
    So I need Neogamma 4, & Neogamma 6, Plus cios38 rev13A.
    Would it be OK to have Neogammer 4 & 6 installed as Channels, and are they easily identifiable on the Wii Menu?
    Also while just reading the install notes that come with cIOS38_rev13-Installer it mentions having IOS38-64-v3610.wad on the root of the SD Card, I have just checked the SD root and my WAD folder and do not have this WAD file at all, so do i need to put this onto the root of the card or into the WAD Folder ? or is this IOS38-64-v3610.wad not required.
    Still trying to get to grips with all these changes. How likely is it to brick the Wii Doing this procedure?
    Thanks A Lot For your help Jason

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    You dont need both installed. Install either r5 or r6. Also, talking about the wad file you mentioned. You are getting these wad files confused with wad (channel) files. Channel wads get placed in the wad folder. You use wad manager to install those. So If you downloaded the r6 channel wad version, youll place that wad in that folder, use homebrew channel to start up wad manager and install that wad. The cios38 wad instead needs to be placed in the root of your sd card, not in any folders. Youll then place the cios installer in a created folder basically naming that folder "cios installer" Place the cios installers boot.dol in that folder. Place that folder in your apps folder on your sd card. Then start homebrew channel and start cios installer. It will ask you if you want network or wad installation. Pick wad installation and then the wad file name will show up. Youll want to install it as ios249. Once you have that installed along with neogamma, start neogamma up and go to cinfigurations. change anti 002 fix to Yes and change save config to yes (need sd card in order to save). Run your game and it should work. if though you want to play wii sports resort, then youll need further directions though youll already have everything installed to play it, theres a few things you need to do. Let me know if you need anything else.

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    Re Your Previous answer

    Thanks for your previous reply Jason.
    OK Jason this is what I have done with the files so far, [1] I have put the Neogamma 6 wad in my WAD folder on SD Card. [2] and the cIOS38_rev13-Installer.dol in my Cios Installer Folder on the SD Card where also I can see cIOS36_rev7-Installer.dol from my previous initial Homebrew install.
    Is This OK to do now cos I do not have The cios38 wad. Is this the same thing as the IOS38-64-v3610.wad that you said goes on the root of the card As I do not appear to have it. Can I get this from here?
    [1] install the Neogamma R6 using the WAD manager. [2] And then install the cIOS38_rev13-Installer.dol from my Cios installer folder on my SD Card. Will this overwrite the existing cIOS36_rev7-Installer.dol, or do I need to uninstall the old Rev7 version first. If So I need to know how to do this as well.

    HOPE I AM GETTING IT NOW. been a long time & I cant believe how things have changed so quickly.
    Thanks A Lot For your help Jason...
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    To get the wad you need for cios38 search for it. Theres a thread on this site that deals with cios38 rev13. Search for "cios38 rev13". Download it. It will be in wad format. You must have that on the root of your sd card or else your installation wont work. Also, no it wont overwrite cios36 because they are both different ios numbers. Actually, theres a "list" of all the ios' you have installed. Theres a program you can install that will show you all the ios' you have on the console. I dont know off hand what its called though. So basically how this installation works..... If you have cios36 rev7 and then you install cios38 rev13, youll then have both those installed. If you then install cios36 rev9, that will overwrite cios36 rev7. So basically it will only overwritethe same ios. This also works if you go from the most rescent to an older version. For instance if you currently have cios36 rev9 installed and you later install cios36 rev7, rev7 will overwrite rev9. Also make sure that all your dol files say boot.dol. If they say ciosinstaller.dol, you must rename it to boot.dol or else it wont show up in hbc.

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    Ok Thanks For That..
    I Now Have The IOS38-64-v3610.wad On The Root Of My SD Card as you instructed.
    So Far I have Got The Neogamma R6 Channel Installed but at the bottom of the loader screen it still says ios 249 rev7.
    I assume that this is because the Wii is seeing the first file in my Cios Installer Folder which is cIOS36_rev7-Installer.dol and then cIOS38_rev13-Installer.dol is underneath it,
    Do I need to create a new Cios Folder in the apps folder of the SD Card and call it something else like Cios Installer Rev13 and put it in there? also do I need the other files listed below, ie: boot.dol / icon.png / meta.xml ?

    If I Open The Cios Folder on my Sd Card this is what I see: (This Is Where I Placed The Cios38_rev13-installer.dol


    When I ran The Cios Installer I saw no option to install anything it told me what it was going to do & that was it, it basically did something via the network regarding the IOS36 File, I think it was downgrading it, to I assume the same cIOS 36_rev7, so hopefully no harm done I hope,
    [Q]. Do I need to create a new Cios Installer Folder for the
    cIOS38_rev13-Installer.dol in apps on the SD Card?
    I Just need to crack this cIOS install prcedure and I think I will be home and dry.
    Thanks A Lot

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    GRRRR. i totally gave you wrong information and I apoligize. You didnt screw anything up though. Ok forget about cios36. Everything you want to install is cios38. Go and find the wad you need for the cios38 rev13 install. Place the wad on your sd card. Place the cios installer boot.dol in your created cios installer folder and place that folder in your apps folder. I honestly would try using a blank sd card if you have one and only put on it the stuff you want to install now. So in this case, youll want the apps folder with your cios installer folder inside that and inside that folder put the boot.dol. Then put the wad for the install in the root of your sd card. Put that in the same window as the apps folder so that when you first look at the sd card you see the apps folder and the wad itself. Install it as a wad. If done correctly, inside neogamma it will say 249 (rev13). Once it says that, your good to go. I before thought cios36 and cios38 were different but I found out they are the same. once again I apoligize.

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    OK Thanks for the reply, no need to apologise, HAVE NEW SD CARD AT THE READY:
    Its Late and I need your guidance further, cos I am feeling inadequate.
    I need you to list exactly what the new files are called that I need to put on new SD card, cos I am getting confused looking at the stuff on my original SD Card. and the previous files mentioned so far.
    I'm getting confused cos you say "Go and find the wad you need for the cios38 rev13 install", is this the IOS38-64-v3610.wad? mentioned previously, If not then what is it called and where can it be found on here?

    Also which boot.dol File do I Need ie: the original boot.dol, or the cIOS38_rev13-Installer.dol

    Also "Install it as a WAD" why would the cIOS Installer be of any use if I install as a WAD using WAD Manager?
    Meaning To Use WAD Manager or what?
    My head dont work without specifics, GOT THE NEW SD CARD READY to Start.
    Thanks And Hope You Can Help out.
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    Ok the wad you mentioned is correct. Place that on the root of your sd card. Then create a new folder and call it "apps" place that in the root of your sd card. Then open the apps folder and create a folder called "cios installer". Download the cios38 rev13 installer. I dont know what the .dol will be called but rename it so its called "boot.dol. Place that file in the cios installer folder. So in the end you should have in your sd card: in the root youll have the wad ffile and the apps folder. Open the apps folder and you should have the folder cios instaler and inside that youll have the boot.dol file. Pop that into your wii. Turn the wii on and load the homebrew channel. Click on cios installer and load it. Then it will ask you if you want network or wad installation. Select wad installaaion then that wad will show up. install as 249.

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