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Thread: Homebrew and classic controller

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    Homebrew and classic controller

    In System Menu classic controller work propertly , but if i start homebrew
    then classic controller does not work and in emulators does`not work.

    What is can be?

    Sorry for bad english , i hope you understand me

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    i used to use a gamecube controller and it worked fine, it may because the emulator does not support the classic controller, may i ask what emulator are you using because after looking at a couple on, it looks like most emulators use the classic controller

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    Snes9x GX ,FCE Ultra GX.
    does`t work in HBC and in emulator , i check Snes9x GX for wiimote+nunchuck problem too. although is it everywhere written that this is supported

    and i has homebrew 1.0.3 IOS61 19.26 , maybe problem here?
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    some else suggestions ?

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    I don't exactly know if this will work for you.

    Start up the HBC and Emulators without the classic controller plugged in. As soon as the emulator starts, then plug the classic controller into the Wiimote.

    This was my problem when trying to run Wii64. The classic controller would only work if I plugged it in after I had started.

    Well, I hope that this is of help to you.
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    I have the exact same classic wii controller works in the main system menu perfectly, but as soon as I start the Homebrew Channel it starts to act wonkey (slow and unresponsive) then when I go into an emulator, it stops alltogether........has anybody else had a similar problem? If so is there a fix?

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    I just tried the suggestion about plugging the classic controller in after I start an emulator, but it does not soon as I plug it in the entire wiimote becomes unresponsive and slow, and the classic controller does not work at all.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

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    I have solution. Original controller required. Not fake from China.
    I bought classic controller made for sale only in Korea and it does work.


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