Hey everyone,

ok even though i'm new to this i have installed homebrew successfully so no worries there. My firmware version is 4.1 so I used the correct guide to install it. It was from another forum i dunno if i'm supposed to give out links to those but anyway here it is


this is the guide i followed.

now to have dvd capabilities i'm aware that i have to install dvdx first BEFORE installing mplayerwii right? well after installing homebrew i loaded boot.elf and the option to install dvdx was there. i selected it and it was successful so yay for me . Now i went to this page http://www.wiihacks.com/homebrew/200...r-ce-dvdx.html to install mplayer ce (and just for clarification is there a difference between mplayerwii i saw when i googled it and mplayer ce?) i saw a buncha mplayer stuff. i just chose Mplayer CE 0.7. i copied that to apps. but when i start up homebrew i can't see it there.

i noe i did something wrong but honestly i dunno what coz i've been using guides and whatnot to install everything else. btw (in case it is important) i have downgraded to ios35 and installed cios38 rev14, installed ios60 and neogamma r6. Any help would be appreciated .